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Developing Systems with NDT and NDT-Tool

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TítuloDeveloping Systems with NDT and NDT-Tool
Publication TypeWeb Articulo
Año de Publicación2004
AuthorsEscalona M.J, Mejias M., Torres J.
Año de acceso2017
EdiciónDepartamento de lenguajes de computador y sistemas
Access Date18/agosto/2017
EditorialUniversidad de Sevilla
Tipo de MedioImpPDF-C
Código Pacha492355

The rising interest for developing systems in web environments has produced that the research community poses the necessity of offering methodological proposals in order to give a suitable reference when a web system is produced. In the last years, several methodological proposals have appeared: OOHDM (Object Oriented Hypermedia Design Method, UWE (UML Based Web Engineering), OOH (Object-Oriented Hypermedia Method), WSDM (Web Site Design Method) or WebML (Web Modelling Language) are only some examples. However, there is not a standard and world wide accepted methodology. Each methodology proposes its own techniques and models. This fact has produced that some studies have been made in order to compare them. These comparatives studies show that there are some gaps in web engineering. This paper presents these gaps and introduces NDT (Navigational Development Techniques). NDT is an approach which offers a different development process that starts with requirements treatment and allows to get design models using a systematic process. It tries to solve some of these gaps detected in web engineering. In order to introduce how NDT confronts these gaps, the paper presents NDT development process, a global vision of its objectives and its tool case, NDT-Tool. Also, this paper enumerated some real projects developed by NDT and NDT-Tool in real companies.

Key words: Web Engineering, Web Methodologies, Tool Cases


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